This is the process of the creation of my personal brand. I am Raissa Maniezzo, a graphic designer working mostly with social media design, manual and catalogue editing and branding. My work style is inspired by intense colors. I treat each work/project with lots of love, putting a lot of thought and effort into it so that I know I am creating the best result possible to achieve my client wishes and goals.

Original logo

The original logo from my brand was created using my three initials, one from my first name and two from my two last names. The R was placed above the M and the o in between. The color palette was blue, in which was used in different tones creating so sort of gradient inside the leters.


Whe it comes to my job, realizing that behind each order there is a person with a different story of life and that their are counting on me to help their company have a special design and presentation means a lot and I believe it is what makes my designs unique. With that in mind, I decided to transfer that idea to my logo: something sweet, warm but professional at the same time. So the final logo has half of a hart on the left side, representing the way I work. The initials used are only from my first name and the first last name. The logo has only two colours, pink and black but has variations for each different background available. The brand itself has four colors. The logo was created using Adobe Illustrator, the letter head and business card was created with Adobe InDesign, just like the style guide of the brand, that can be seen on the link below:

Style Guide

Website Prototype

Besides the branding, a website prototype was designed using Adobe XD so that the website could be properly built with brackets after. Both notebook and mobile version were created, to imagine how the website would react responsively.