This project was created for the Graphic Design for Print and Web program at Humber College. Oceanna is a fictitious singer which style is romantic music. Sunset is her debut album, written by the artist herself, it has romantic songs and calming song that lift your spirit and energy up on those days you are not feeling like yourself, with a bad energy or to nervous/anxious.


The logo created for Oceanna features a wave, a direct reference to her name that reminds of the ocean. Several variations of the logo were created, for different color backgrounds besides both vertical and horizontal use. The wave can also be used alone as a graphic element. The logos were created using Adobe Illustrator and a style gruide was designed using Adobe InDesign in order to show the rules and guidelines of the brand. The style guide can be seen on the link below:

Style Guide


Several products to be sold o Oceanna's website and during her tour were designed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The products are: Vinyl cover, album and disk cover, three different designs of t-shirts, three different designs of covid-19 masks and several guitar pick designs.

Press Kit

Both online and print press kit were created for the artist in order to share with producers and other companies her story and information. Both press kits show a little about Oceanna's story, the dates for her tour, her merchandise and ways to contact her. The print press kits can be seen on the images aside and below, and the online press kit can be seen on the link:

Press Kit online