BodyWorks is a fictitious health and wellness consulting network, specializing in individual fitness program design, personal training, and nutrition counseling. Their team bring together a diversity of coaching methods such as: Flexibility training, kick boxing, power training, speed training, suspension training and yoga to deliver the client’s goals.


The company’s logo was designed in a way that it resembles a person working out using a bench press system. A variation of the logo was created using a second color. On the original it is used black and orange while on the variation it is used dark blue and black. Besides the color variation, it was also created a vertica application for the logo and variations to be used on black backgrounds. A style guide was made in order to present the rules and applications of the logos, colors and typefaces of the brand. The logo was created using Adobe Illustrator and the style guide by using Adobe InDesign. The style guide created for the brand can be seen on the link below:

Style Guide

Fitness Manual

The content of the manual was organized in three different sections: Nutrition, food and training. The layout was created following the colors of the brand and the photos were downloaded from pexels.com. This project was made using Adobe InDesign.
The complete fitness manual can be seen on the link below:

Fitness Manual