Raissa attended Nucleo Educacional Interativa (current COC Itapira) in Itapira-SP (Brazil) during her High School, from 2009 until 2011. During this time she got a Certificate of Achievement for completing the english course at FISK English Courses.
After her graduation, she passed the entrance exam being accepted for the Bachelor of Chemistry program at the Federal University of Itajuba (UNIFEI) in Itajuba-MG (Brazil), being part of the first class formed for the program, graduating in 2018.
In 2020, she found a new passion in life and decided to change her career and become a Graphic Designer. She then moved to Canada to study Design Foundation at Humber College in Etobicoke-ON, graduating with Honours on the same year. In the end of 2020 she started her second program at Humber, Graphic Design for Print and Web, in which she graduated in April 2021.During the program she took an extra course receiving a certificate of achievement for Making Accessible Media.


During her last months on the Bachelor of Chemistry program at UNIFEI, Raíssa got an internship at Serviço Autônomo de Água e Esgoto in Itapira-SP (Brazil). As an intern, she used to stay in the chemistry laboratory taking care of the quality control of the water during its treatment process.
Currently she is in search of a job on her new field of study, Graphic Design. In the meantime she works for HomeSense as a part-time Sales Associate, since October 2020.

Volunteer Work

During the first year of her High School at Interativa, Raíssa participated on the volunteer project "Só Risos", based on the story of Patch Adams. Members dressed as clowns practiced interactive play with children of the institution "Lar São José" of the city of Itapira-SP (Brazil).